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Spotlight on a Performing Governor: Agbu Kefas of Taraba State 

Oluwafunmilayo Ogedengbe

Life’s true measure is the impact we have on others, and few embody this principle more than the Governor of Taraba State, Agbu Kefas. A retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, Governor Kefas has distinguished himself as one of Nigeria’s most innovative and proactive state leaders.

His tenure, which began on May 29, 2023, has been marked by a series of groundbreaking initiatives that span every sector of the state’s infrastructure and services. From ensuring regular payment of salaries to civil servants to spearheading projects in security, job creation, education, and more, Governor Kefas has proven his commitment to the people of Taraba.


Governor Kefas has spearheaded a healthcare revolution in Taraba, ensuring that every resident has access to top-notch medical care through the establishment of modern health facilities across all local government areas and the enhancement of existing ones, such as the mother and child hospital, while also motivating healthcare workers to deliver their best.

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He is also dedicated to eradicating illiteracy in the State by building and rehabilitating schools, providing educational materials, and improving teachers’ welfare. Under his leadership, career and sporting activities in schools have flourished, nurturing the talents of the younger generation. Additionally, the Governor has taken bold steps to support farmers in Taraba by providing soft loans and free farming necessities, boosting agricultural productivity and ensuring food security across the state.

Governor Kefas, as Taraba’s Chief Security Officer, has established strong partnerships with security agencies to ensure the safety of residents and their belongings. This collaboration has created a secure environment, allowing residents to rest peacefully.

His tenure has witnessed significant infrastructural growth in Taraba, including road rehabilitation, construction, and public space beautification. These efforts have notably improved the state’s infrastructure and the quality of life for its inhabitants. In his commitment to providing constant electricity, Governor Kefas has extended power coverage to all 16 local government areas, thereby enhancing business activities. Moreover, he has facilitated access to clean drinking water by installing boreholes and pipe-borne water systems across the state.

Recognizing the importance of youth, Governor Kefas has implemented regular empowerment programs. Through these initiatives, many young individuals have received tools and financial assistance, enabling them to establish businesses and contribute positively to the state’s economy.

Governor Kefas acknowledges the cultural and social significance of entertainment, thus he has backed the arts, fostering the flourishing of music, comedy, dance, and various entertainment forms in Taraba. His initiatives have transformed the state into a vibrant center of enjoyment and innovation.

Governor Agbu Kefas, a visionary leader, has rapidly transformed Taraba State with his integrity, innovation, and dedication. His remarkable achievements have made Taraba a model of progress in Nigeria, and he is celebrated by Top Society magazine for his impactful leadership.

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