According to trait theory, leaders are born not made. This trait is characteristic of Hon. Aliyu Wakili Boya, a natural leader, which is why he stands head and shoulders above his peers.
Recognizing the obstacles ahead, he diligently groomed himself and made thorough preparations for the task at hand.

Understanding the significance of education in spurring oneself to a leadership position, he ensured he garnered the necessary education that would enable him to effectively leverage his leadership role. Following his foundational education in Islamic and Western studies, he pursued a degree in law at the University of Maiduguri. Subsequently, he was admitted to the bar after graduating from the Nigeria Law School in Bwari, Abuja.

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, he had to climb from the bottom to the top. After his first unsuccessful attempt to represent his constituency, Fofure/Song Federal Constituency, in the House of Representatives, he decided to team up with the governor of the state at the time, Jubrila Bindow. Seeing the leadership qualities in him, he was encouraged to run for the post of Chairman, Fofure Local Government Area. An election he won with massive votes.

Recognizing the exceptional qualities within him, the other 21 local government chairmen elected him to serve as the chairman of chairmen of the local government areas in the state, also known as the ALGON chairman.

His personnel appealed to both leaders and followers in his state, making him a figure everyone wants to associate with. He also served as a personal assistant to Senator Bello Tukur between 2011 and 2014.

The unique qualities in him were detected by the community leaders, and he was turbaned Sardaunan Malabu by the district head of Malabu, which happens to be his place of birth. The tittle “Sardauna” implies Man of the people, lover of people, servant of the people, warlord, the voice to the voiceless and a Man who is loved by his people.

His opportunity to represent his people at the National Assembly came in 2023, when he won the election to represent Fufore/Song federal constituency. As the representative of the people of Fufore/Song federal constituency, he maintains continuous communication with his constituents. He never withholds his presence from them or hinders their access to him, unlike some legislators who exhibit such behavior once they are in office.

Boya’s contributions transcend mere policy interventions. He embodies the very essence of what representation should be: a man of the people, accessible and ever-willing to listen to their concerns. He regularly holds town hall meetings, community engagements, and door-to-door interactions, ensuring that the voices of his constituents are heard loud and clear. This open communication fosters a sense of trust and accountability, a rare quality in today’s political landscape.

Though he may have made promises to the electorate while seeking their votes, he is fulfilling them by ensuring that he follows through with his commitments. Hon. Boya is deeply committed to enhancing the living standards of the members of his constituency and making a positive impact in his community. He is a responsive leader who not only listens but also acts on their requests, instilling confidence in them that governance is fundamentally about serving the people.

He has attracted  many projects to his constituency which has led to improvements in healthcare facilities, schools, roads, and educational programs that empowers the youth. His intervention touched every facet of life in Adamawa.

Having foreknowledge that education is one of the challenges faced by youths in the North, he initiated programs to make it more attractive, compelling the youth to show more interest in acquiring education. His unwavering support for education motivated him to construct many blocks of classrooms for schools in the state and renovate existing ones in his constituency.

To further encourage the youths’ interest in education, scholarships and educational materials were offered, ensuring that the future generation of Adamawa has access to quality education, a right often denied to children in some parts of the country. His singular action brightened the hopes of the youths, convincing them that their future is bright.

As someone from the North East, he understands that security challenges are among the major issues facing the region. Therefore, he contributed his quota to strengthening the security situation. His sterling qualities, like a golden fish with no hidden place, became evident, leading to his appointment as the chairman of the House Committee on Police Institutions.

As the Chairman of the House Committee on Police Institutions he demonstrated his commitment to addressing critical issues relating to law on enforcement and security in Nigeria, and he also gave his nod  for crucial reforms within the police force. Part of his support  for the police are improved training, equipping officers with better resources, and fostering better community-police relations. His initiatives has tremendously reduced the insecurity  challenges facing the State and the North East.

At the National Assembly, Hon. Boya proved his mettle by making meaningful contributions to policy formulation and providing useful inputs into the passage of bills into law. It is no surprise that members of Hon. Boya’s constituency hold him in such high esteem and have deep affection for him. To them, he is not just their representative; he is their champion, advocate, and voice.

His commitment and dedication to serving his constituency diligently and selflessly have instilled a sense of pride in them.

Hon. Aliyu Wakili Boya is a beacon of hope and inspiration to Adamawa State and the nation as a whole. His exemplary track record as a parliamentarian distinguished him from other lawmakers whose interest is at variance with that of their constituency.

Leaders as committed and dedicated as Honorable Aliyu Wakili Boya are seldom found in our political arena. If individuals of his caliber were more prevalent, Nigeria could resemble an Eldorado. Undoubtedly, Honorable Boya is a divine blessing not only to Adamawa State but to Nigeria and the world at large. It would be advantageous for other political figures to draw from his wealth of knowledge in governance and dedication to public service.

No doubt, he is a material for higher position in the country. With any luck, he will stand firm in his convictions and continue to be a selfless leader, staying true to his principles.

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