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135 Yoruba Groups Caution AYCF Against Making Inflammatory Statement on Government Policies


Adewale Ajayi,


The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) has been asked to desist from making inflammatory statements on policy decisions of the Federal Government.

This advice was given by 135 Yoruba groups under the aegis of  Alliance of Yoruba Democratic Movement (AYDM) in a statement on Monday by its General Secretary, Popoola Ajayi, stated that the relocation of the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, (FAAN) should not have generated parochial reactions attributed to the AYCF Chairman, Alhaji Shettima Yerima.

The group said asthe relocation of the FAAN and some departments of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) from Abuja to Lagos State appear to have been driven by honest intention to ensure optimum performance.

AYDM said Nigeria needs to embrace the  decentralisation of Government functions and institutions in order to ensure greater prosperity and functional performance.

“The  Stock Exchange in Lagos is the oldest in Nigeria. Stock Exchange is the twin economic front of the Central Bank. The two should actually be located in the economic nerve centre of any country. In the case of Nigeria, the centre is Lagos.”

The group said it is dangerous for the stability of the country if AYCF seeks to dictate what the President and the Vice President should do. It urged the AYCF to recognise that Nigeria belongs to all.

AYDM stated that the Arewa group should be contended with the explanation contained in the circular to relocate certain government departments as part of ongoing efforts by the current administration aimed at optimizing operational efficiency, improving service delivery, and ensuring economic vibrancy across Nigeria.

“Eighty percent of the funds from airport services are from Lagos. 80 percent of local and international airports in Nigeria are through Lagos ports. These are enough reasons to relocate the FAAN to Lagos. There was no reason to have moved the FAAN from Lagos in the first place.” The group said.

AYDM stated that it was important to emphasise that such decisions are part of a strategic approach to governance, with the ultimate goal of fostering development.

 “it is crucial to note that examples abound globally where key institutions have been strategically located outside the countries’ capitals, leading to positive outcomes. Numerous countries have adopted this approach to distribute economic activities, drive development, and promote balanced growth”.

AYDM stressed that there are examples globally. For instance, German government moved key institutions to Bonn from Berlin and that move did not only contributed to Bonn’s growth but also facilitated economic development in the country.

“In the same vein, Netherlands strategically located its Parliament and government institutions in The Hague, while Amsterdam remains the economic and financial hub. This dual-city model has proven effective in balancing political and economic functions. Just as key financial institutions headquarters see are located in New York instead of Washington DC, the USA political capital or between New Delhi, the Indian capital and Bombay the economic head quarter”.

AYDM noted that in South Africa, while Pretoria hosts the South African seat of Government, key economic institutions remain in Johannesburg

“Relocating certain departments to Lagos is not merely a shift of administrative offices but a strategic move aimed at even development. Lagos, as Nigeria’s economic hub, already houses various financial and commercial institutions.

The group said the strategic importance of Lagos is the reason why many foreign  embassies retain their Lagos offices.

“Leveraging this existing infrastructure can contribute to enhanced synergy, efficiency, and economic growth.”

AYDM said the relocation of certain departments appears to be a testament to the government’s commitment to fostering national development and economic growth. 

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