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Agbakoba Counsels Tinubu on Solutions to Nigeria Problems


Adewale Ajayi


Former President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Dr Olisa Agbakoba (SAN) has come up with a strategy for President Bola Tinubu, which will aid his administrations’ determination to solve the socio political and economic problems confronting Nigeria, just as he said Nigeria governance structure are weak and needed to be strengthened.

Addressing journalists in his office in Ikoyi, Lagos, Agbakoba who titled his speech, “governance strategies for President Tinubu” noted that President Tinubu has set the very ambitious goal to grow Nigeria’s GDP to $1 trillion in 7 years, also that President Tinubu has taken tough decisions towards market correction like removal of fuel subsidies, floating the naira, and liberalizing the foreign exchange market, he maintained that was a huge task. 

He advised that, for the president to achieve those goals,it  requires massive legislation and executive action.

Dr. Agbakoba noted that Nigeria’s Governance structures are weak and so what is required is to strengthen it through critical laws and policies.

He however, listed the governance issues as political governance, constitutional governance, regulatory and administrative, electoral governance, economic governance, trade governance, marine and space governance.

He maintained that political governance can easily be resolved by asking critical national questions. Are we a country, state, or nation? Do we intend to live together as one country and how?

Agbakoba noted that once those questions are answered, it will set the stage for a new political arrangement that can be articulated in a new Constitution. 

He explained that, government can engage sub-national ethnic leaders Ohaneze, Arewa, and Afenirere, because they have national appeal and can provide alternatives.

He maintained that, to solve issue of constitutional governance, the National Assembly can adopt wholesale constitutional replacement as suggested by Professor Nwabueze under sections 4(1) and 315(1) (a) & (4) of the 1999 Constitution. 

Agbakoba maintained that there is the need for massive devolution of powers from the Federal to State governments and Strengthen Institutions that support democracy. 

He added  that there is the need to also guarantee local government autonomy.

Shedding more light on regulatory and administrative governance he said regulatory agencies are often viewed as financing conduits for ministers instead of independent bodies.  

Agbakoba therefore suggested that reviewing legislation and strengthening the oversight functions are crucial to making the regulatory and administrative governance perform optimally. 

“Current National Assembly has powers to facilitate this process under the Constitution,” he said.

On legal and Judicial Governance, he explained that there is the need to expunge outdated laws from our statute books, using Rwanda’s model and unbundle Nigeria’s unitary judicial structure to create federal, state, and local government court systems to decongest the judicial roadblock.

Dr Agbakoba maintained that, if all the governance issues highlighted are addressed, it would be easier for President Tinubu to achieve his goal.

“Nigeria’s challenges may seem daunting, but they are not insurmountable. If all these governance issues are implemented in the short term, we are likely to continue to feel the pain but in the long term, results will begin to show.  

“The Tinubu Government has a unique opportunity to articulate and drive an uncommon agenda for development.  

Hence, there is need  to be a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound implementation plan otherwise it will be all talk and no progress.” Dr.Agbakoba explained.


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