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TB Joshua: RCCG Pastor ‘Exposes’  Late Prophet Says What He Did To Make Childless Couples Bear Children Amidst BBC Documentary

Chukwuani Victoria

Debo Akinyemi, a pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has claimed that the late founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, (SCOAN) Prophet Temitope Joshua made childless couples swap spouses.

It would be recalled that the British media on Monday released a controversial three-part documentary where various persons accused the late pastor of staging miracles, rape, sexual assault, and torture among others.

Speaking on the scandal via a write-up published by ChurchTimes, Adeyemi disclosed that he worked in a weekly Newspaper called ‘The Exclusive’ which was owned by the clergyman.

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He explained that during the time he worked with the clergyman, he noticed that married couples who were trying to conceive swapped partners among themselves.

Akinyemi claimed that Joshua did this so the couple would be able to have children.

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He stated that after the swap many people who were childless would start having children with their new partners.

He said,

Another strange thing about the church was the way he made married couples swap partners among themselves. He made this happen as a ritual to enable childless couples to have children. Strangely, many couples who could not have children would start having children with new partners with whom they had just been matched. In other words, formerly married husbands and wives saw their former partners coming to the church in the arms of new spouses.

“TB was even bold enough to propose the swap to my colleague, Joe, then a senior editorial staff of Guardian Newspaper. Joe and his wife were then seeking the face of God. And when they went to see the prophet he told them the only way out was to break up and find new separate partners from among the congregation.

“Though TB looked meek he was known for his demonic anger which the insiders witnessed almost daily. I was then told by one of the so-called disciples helping him to manage the newspaper, how he threw up a large glass-topped table in his office in a fit of strange anger.

“I did not stay for more than 3 months before TB folded the paper. So I did not stay long to see more of the disturbing things happening in the church. But the little I saw furnished rooms for reasonable suspicion. While I won’t vilify him in death, I won’t be so gullible as to join the team of his praise singers.

“The Bible says we should not believe all spirits. But we must put them to the test to see if they are of the Lord. I put TB’s spirit to the test and there appeared to be too much fog around him, making me suspect him, though his persona was likable somewhat.”





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