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Osoba give reasons why Nigeria will keep borrowing money

Former Governor of Ogun State, Chief Olusegun Osoba, has given reasons why Nigeria will continue to borrow  money for survival, just as he urged Nigerians to keep praying for the nation

Chief Osoba, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress APC, while speaking in an interview session with  a private Television Station also condemned the idea  of hoarding cash by Nigerians.

According to him “When the treasury is empty, when the previous administration was borrowing to pay salaries, what else can you do except to borrow for now to fill the gap.

“That does not mean that the culture of borrowing will go on forever and ever.

“It’s only serving us for now.”

On the hoarding of cash, Osoba said President Bola Tinubu would soon sign an Executive Order to  encourage Nigerians against hoarding money.

He said: “During my discussion with President Tinubu on Christmas Day, he disclosed to me that he is preparing a document to encourage Nigerians to bring out hidden funds that are currently out of the banking system and causing cash scarcity.”

On the expectations of Nigerians for President Tinubu to visit the scenes of the killing of about 200 persons in Plateau State during the Christmas festivities, the former Governor said opposition parties were only taking advantage of the situation to fester their nests.

“There is no Nigerian who will not cry for what happened in Plateau.The unnecessary killing.

“We need to have a really well-organised broad-based policy to curtail these inter-communal conflicts that are bedevilling  us all over the country.

“I assure you that he is very much on top of it.

“On the issue of token appearance, it is not just a token.

“He must be ready when he is going to go there.

“It is to tell them steps and actions that he is going to take to contain this situation that has been going on.

“For the opposition parties, that is their role.

“There must be robust engagements.

“If they don’t engage us robustly, how would we know some of our shortcomings and challenges?

“When (Labour Party presidential candidate in the February 25, 2023 election, Peter) Obi went to Plateau for a token appearance, it’s part of the robust engagement.

“When we were in Action Congress of Nigeria ACN we robustly engaged Goodluck Jonathan heavily.

“So, they are playing the role expected of the opposition.

“What do you expect of them?

“We are in government and they throw punches.

“We would defend the punches and where necessary, we give a little brushing of their faces too.

“But I agree that they are within the barns of opposition in a way that they are being critical and we analyse their statements, reactions and see if whatever we find will be useful.”

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