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I Will Arrest You – Angela Okorie Threatens Former PA Over Son’s Involvement In Scam


Nollywood Actress Angela Okorie has threatened to arrest her former personal assistant and others for allegedly involving her teenage son in fraudulent activities.

The mother of one via her Instagram account on Tuesday, call out her former PA, who is identified as Leonard and his alleged accomplices identified as Chamberlain, UD, DJ Pretty and Swagzy.


According to the actress, Leonard used her son’s name to dupe a US-based woman and also extorted money from her fans.

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Threatening to arrest them, the mother of one vowed to make sure they refunded the money they stole from people.

Angela Okorie shared Leonard’s photos saying,

“Leonard I will not only arrest you I will arrest both including that prostitute of a girl you are using to fight me, Leonard how can you and people be using my son to extort money from people, Leo you are a shame to manhood I am coming for all of you, God will punish you.”

The actress went further to make a series of posts including a screenshot of someone believed to be one of the men, begging her for forgiveness.

She wrote:

“To make it worse y’all involved son’s name on it How can a boy of 12 years be involved in this demonic act hungry people, always looking for people to extort from, this pu**y nigga leo and Dj pretty also planned me evil just imagine this dirty muderfuc**kers.”

Narrating her encounter and relationship with Chamberlain and others, Angela continued:

“Have you removed 12years to 13years out of my age to know how old I was when I started feeding grown ass men, like how young I am, grinding back to back and still helping people and you go against me ???

“Then anyone that becomes a man then they will author automatically start calling me a witch, take a look at Chamberlain and his wife, before they got married I don’t know what Chamberlain told his wife, she taught I hated her, they started fighting me, they used me to achieve a fairytale wedding, I no be witch when hungry Dey catch them, Omo eee make everybody answer E papa name from this year you guys can’t fight against me,I helped y’all, all of you.

“I f*cking gave y’all this platform and I will take it back, people are following you guys cos of how much love I have shown you genuinely love Chita, chamberlain, Leonard, swagzy) unfollow them these muderf**kers after my good to them they wanna fight the finger that fed them seeing me like a witch after Chita might have gone to cook up lies against me, envious Chita.

“Damn all these people hanging up against me for what pls I dumped their ass and they ganged up against and right now am showing them am the General.”




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