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Fubara Taunts Wike, Affirms Resolve to Retain Power Amid Rivers Crisis


In a bold declaration during the crossover service at St. Paul’s Archdeaconry Parish in Opobo Town on New Year’s Eve, Governor Simi Fubara of Rivers State taunted the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, amidst the ongoing power tussle in the state.

The Rivers State Governor expressed unwavering determination not to cede power to Wike or anyone attempting to displace him from office, emphasizing his commitment to the development of the state. Fubara and Wike have been embroiled in a longstanding dispute over control of Rivers State resources and the political structure.


During the crossover service, Governor Fubara conveyed a strong message, indicating his triumph in the power struggle.

 “I want to urge everyone here, don’t be frightened. What they want is this red biro; it is still with me. They have failed. You are the winner; we are the winner because we are still signing with the red biro. And, so long as we are signing with the red biro, development will continue in Rivers State.”


Fubara’s reference to the red biro suggests the continued exercise of his official duties, symbolizing his authority and control over the state’s affairs.

Despite President Bola Tinubu’s intervention, urging both parties to sign a peace pact to quell the crisis, Fubara remained resolute in retaining his office. He affirmed his dedication to ensuring the continued development of Rivers State.

 “I wasn’t the governor when I stood for you; I will continue standing with you.”

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Governor Fubara’s remarks not only underscore the intensity of the power struggle in Rivers State but also reflect his confidence in maintaining leadership and prioritizing the welfare and progress of the state’s residents.

As the political drama unfolds in Rivers State, the repercussions of this ongoing power tussle on governance and development remain critical aspects to monitor in the coming months. The rivalry between Fubara and Wike continues to captivate public attention, shaping the political landscape of the state.

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