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NiMet Forewarns of Widespread Dust Haze, Urges Public Caution



The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has issued a forecast warning of the likelihood of dust haze sweeping across the nation on Friday. In its weather outlook released in Abuja, NiMet attributed the anticipated conditions to a high concentration of dust in the atmosphere.

The agency outlined that horizontal visibilities are expected to range between 2km and 5km in most areas, while certain locations within the northern regions may experience even poorer visibility, with distances plummeting to 1,000m or less.

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The official report stated,

“Due to the high concentration of dust in the atmosphere, dust haze is still expected to prevail over most parts of the country come Friday, with a reasonable visibility of two to five kilometers.

“Considering the unhealthy air quality across these regions, the public is strongly advised to use face masks as a protective measure.”


In light of the prevailing conditions and concerns about air quality, NiMet strongly advised the public to utilize face masks as a protective measure. The agency emphasized the importance of individual awareness regarding weather conditions and urged the populace to take necessary precautions to mitigate potential health risks associated with the impending dust haze.

This cautionary statement serves as a reminder for citizens to stay informed, remain vigilant, and adopt preventive measures to safeguard their health during adverse weather conditions.

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