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Reactions As Alibaba Reveals Mark Angel As One The Richest Comedian In Nigeria


Veteran Nigerian comedian, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, popularly known as Alibaba, has sparked reactions on social media after asserting that skit maker Mark Angel is among the wealthiest comedians in the country.

Alibaba made this known during the latest episode of ‘The Honest Bunch Podcast’, where he mentioned that Mark Angel’s low-key approach to wealth, without flaunting it, has led some people to underestimate his financial success.

Mark Angel

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He said, “Some people still don’t believe Mark Angel is one of the richest comedians. Until somebody then hears how much YouTube, Facebook pay him every month. You hear someone is making up to $300,000 a month. And you are like, ‘Is it not that guy that wears big shorts and acts crazy?

According to Alibaba, people would have acknowledged Mark Angel if he was in professions such as politics, banking, or the oil industry.

Alibaba further advised against underestimating the comedy profession and urged people to recognize the potential for significant success within the field.

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The statement have generated alot of buzz from Nigerians on social media. Below is how Nigerians Reacted:

Thomas wrote:

“Hmm from the official report of YouTube. Mark angel is the richest YouTuber in west Africa.”

Silent Observer wrote:

“Because he stays low key, never flaunts it and reinvest his money into something tangible. A sensible young man.”

@sugarstick4life wrote:

” Honestly, I’ve been asked more about Emmanuella in the UK than any other Nigerian celebrity. Mark Angel deserves all the respect he gets. Man understands social media content monetization.”

BULLION wrote:

“1.6m in 1995 was a lot of money ooo.”

Gsmart  wrote:

“Mark Angel is a silent billionaire, Man took ovwr skit from stand-up xomedian and took it to ampther dimension feom facebook to youtube then IG, …afew guys that started this skit like babatope are not as consistent aa it used to be.


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