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Osun JUSUN: NBA Appeals to End Month-Long Judicial Strike 


The leadership of the Osogbo Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) earnestly appealed to the striking members of the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria on Thursday, imploring them to bring an end to their month-long strike.

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The strike, which commenced on November 22, was ignited when members of the Judiciary Staff Union were halted by police officers from physically confronting the Chief Judge of Osun State, Justice Adepele Ojo. The union accused Justice Ojo of abusing her office and withholding their rightful allowances, leading to a deadlock in judicial activities.

Mr. Yemi Abiona, the Chairman of the Osogbo NBA, took center stage on Thursday, addressing the pressing concerns arising from the protracted strike. He emphasized the detrimental impact the closure of the courts was having on the legal fraternity, expressing concern for the welfare of lawyers and the larger justice system.

Abiona noted that the strike’s ripple effect extended beyond legal practitioners, affecting the lives of numerous awaiting trial inmates. Regrettably, these individuals, who might have otherwise regained their freedom, find themselves languishing in custodial centers due to the ongoing industrial action.

In a bid to strike a chord of empathy, the Osogbo NBA leader stressed that the prolonged strike was not only impinging on the professional well-being of lawyers but was also obstructing the timely dispensation of justice. He called for a collective reconsideration of the impasse, urging the Judiciary Staff Union to prioritize the broader societal impact of their actions.

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He further said,

“The strike embarked upon by the Judicial Staff Union of Nigeria, Osun State branch is going to a month now and it has continued to have negative impacts on the lives of lawyers in particular. 

“As we all know, the place of work for a lawyer is majorly on the court premises and since JUSUN embarked on this strike all the courts in the state have been under lock and key, automatically denying lawyers their means of sustainability, except for soliciting jobs which they do in the office and for few other lawyers who have work in some other jurisdictions outside Osun State. 

“Most lawyers in Osun State are being negatively affected. When you look at almost all the platforms of lawyers in the state, they are already clamouring for the strike to be called off. 

“The message I want to send is that JUSUN members should reconsider their stand by giving an avenue to negotiations after resumption because the effects of the strike are not only felt by lawyers but by every other person like those awaiting trials whose cases have been on hold since the strike started.”

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