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OOU Students Protests Sharp Tuition Fee Hike 


Responding to the administration’s choice, the Students Union at Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) in Ogun State has taken a stand against the abrupt rise in tuition fees.

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The discontent arises just days after students rallied against a 100% hike in hostel fees imposed by the institution’s administration.

The protest escalated when the revised school fees were unexpectedly published on the university portal on Thursday. The adjustments, impacting all faculties, revealed staggering increases from N114,038 to N300,000, N160,500 to N450,000, and N92,872 to N260,000, leading to dismay and outcry among the student body.

Ogunsanya Bamidele, the President of the Students Union, and Public Relations Officer, Ojo Mercy, issued a joint statement on Thursday, strongly advising all students against making any payment towards the revised fees until further notice.

The union leaders expressed deep concern over the financial burden this abrupt change imposes on the students, highlighting the need for dialogue and reconsideration by the university administration.

The announcement has triggered unrest and discussions within the university community, with students actively engaging on social media platforms to voice their grievances. Many are questioning the rationale behind such a substantial fee hike and demanding transparency from the university management regarding the allocation of the additional funds.

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The statement read,

“The recent decision by the school management to increase school fees is not taken lightly. 

“We acknowledge the economic challenges facing the nation, but we firmly believe that education should not be treated as a mere business venture. 

“Our administration stands against this increment, emphasising that students should not be viewed as a source of revenue. Education is a right, and its accessibility should not be compromised by financial barriers. In these trying times, our priority should be to find solutions that benefit every student of our esteemed university. 

“We urge you, our dear students not to pay the increased fees and refrain from participating in any school activities until further directives from the union.”

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