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Popular Nollywood Actress Involved In Ghastly Accident (Video)


Awoyemi Bukola, Nollywood actress and ex-partner of actor Damola Olatunji, has escaped death after she was involved in a ghastly accident that wrecked her car.

Bukola, while celebrating her birthday, narrated how the incident happened via her official Instagram page.

According to the actress, she was driving home on Third Mainland Bridge when a car intentionally hit her car and kicked her off the road.

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Sharing a video of the wreck, the actress revealed that her vehicle sat at the edge of the bridge, and they all thought, all hopes were lost, but God came through for them, and they came down unhurt.

She wrote;

“This happened a day to my birthday, I kept this to celebrate and thank GOD ALMIGHTY first, my KEEPER, OLOWOGBOGBORO HALLELUJAH. We were on third mainland bridge, driving home gently, road was free, suddenly a vehicle came from behind as though it wanted to overtake us, but he turned abruptly and gave the car a hard hit that looked intentional, my car started turning, hitting different angles and all we could shout was JESUS, it faced d bridge, we thought it was over, but suddenly it made a turn, and sat at the edge of the bridge, surely there is power in JESUS name.”

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Narrating further, Bukola said she started praying immediately after sensing something bad wanted to happen.

She wrote:

We came down unhurt and started calling friends while waiting, I started sensing something bad was about to happen again, then I started praying at the top of my voice by the car. None of the passing vehicles stopped cos it was late.

“I had barely stopped praying when another vehicle came from nowhere and gave the car a harder and stronger bash repositioning the car by automatically lifting the car to the road, u don’t want to imagine the state I was left. How and why would my car be bashed twice within the space of an hour? If this was plotted in a movie scene it would be tagged “unrealistic”. But hey? This is real!”


The movie star expressed gratitude to God for keeping her despite the devil’s plans.

She wrote:

“Please help me thank GOD ALMIGHTY for keeping me again, and thank my friend who chooses to be anonymous, who came all the way that midnight to our rescue. Help me shout seven HALLELUYAH. Carless not lifeless.”





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