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Lagos State Assembly Commits 2024 Budget to Joint Committee for Scrutiny

The Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Mudashiru Obasa, announced on Monday the referral of the 2024 Appropriation Bill to a joint committee of the House for thorough examination. The budget, amounting to N2.2tn, encompasses N1.224tn for capital expenditure and N1.023tn for recurrent expenditure. The significant proposal successfully passed its second reading during the plenary session, presided over by Speaker Obasa.
Expressing the urgency of the matter, Speaker Obasa charged the joint committee on Economic Planning and Finance to diligently scrutinize the budget within a three-week timeframe, emphasizing the importance of delivering a meticulously reviewed financial plan for the citizens of Lagos State.
The Chairman of the Committee on Economic Planning, Sa’ad Olumoh, highlighted the budget’s focus on addressing challenges arising from the removal of fuel subsidy and exchange rate crises. He stressed the need for the budget to be crafted with a keen eye on minimizing wasteful expenditures.
Femi Saheed, leading the House Finance Committee, underscored the budget’s role in steering Lagos away from dependence on federal allocations. Kehinde Joseph, another committee member, emphasized the necessity of addressing the issue of government agencies operating from rented buildings.
Sanni Okanlawon lauded the proposal as a developmental budget, citing its commitment to advancing ongoing projects such as the Red and Purple Lines rail system. Deputy Majority Leader Adedamola Kasunmu echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the potential for the budget to be self-sustaining and realistic if properly executed.
Desmond Elliot called for an enhancement in the budget’s provisions for social protection to effectively reach the people, while Nureni Akinsanya proposed streamlining the process for Certificates of Occupancy applications to bolster government revenue.
As the joint committee embarks on its comprehensive review, anticipation builds for a budget that not only addresses immediate challenges but also propels Lagos State towards sustained development and fiscal independence.
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