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Deputy Senate President Takes Action to Halt Shoprite’s Exit from Kano

Senator Barau Jibrin, the Deputy President of the Senate, has taken steps to prevent the closure of Shoprite‘s only branch in Kano State. This move comes in response to ShopRite’s announcement of its decision to exit Kano in January 2024, citing a challenging economic situation.
In a statement on Monday, Senator Barau’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Ismail Mudashir, revealed that the Deputy President of the Senate is set to meet with Shoprite’s management this week in Abuja to address the concerns and seek a resolution.
“The Office of the Deputy President of the Senate has set machinery in place to halt the exit of Shoprite from Kano State. His Excellency, the Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Barau I Jibrin, CON, will meet with the company’s management this week, and the issue will be discussed and hopefully resolved,” Mudashir stated.
While acknowledging that the situation is a business issue, Mudashir emphasized the importance of exploring ways to encourage Shoprite to reconsider its decision and continue operating in Kano. He highlighted the abundant business opportunities in Kano, known as the commercial nerve center of northern Nigeria.
“At a time when we are scouting for investors, we will not fold our hands and allow them to leave,” Mudashir affirmed.
The move by Senator Barau Jibrin aligns with recent trends of multinational companies considering exits from Nigeria due to economic challenges. Procter & Gamble and GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Nigeria Plc had earlier announced plans to exit the country. The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria had also indicated that more firms might shut down operations due to harsh economic realities.
The meeting between Senator Barau Jibrin and Shoprite’s management holds the prospect of finding common ground to address concerns and possibly retain Shoprite’s presence in Kano, contributing to the state’s economic landscape.
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