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EU Launches Infringement Proceedings Against Elon Musk’s X Platform

The European Union (EU) has initiated “formal infringement proceedings” against Elon Musk’s X platform, marking the first major enforcement action since the introduction of the Digital Services Act earlier this year.
The action comes in response to the identification of disinformation linked to Hamas’s October 7 attacks in Israel circulating on the platform. The EU, under the new legislation, aims to hold online platforms accountable for content moderation, cracking down on illegal online content.
The Digital Services Act, a comprehensive piece of legislation, signifies a significant step in enhancing the responsibility of online companies in monitoring and managing content. The infringement proceedings against X platform underscore the EU’s commitment to maintaining a vigilant stance against the dissemination of misleading information and illegal content.
The move also highlights the increasing scrutiny on major online platforms, emphasizing the need for adherence to regulations designed to protect against the spread of disinformation and ensure user safety. As the proceedings unfold, industry observers will closely monitor the implications for both X platform and their wider online community.
In response to a request for comment on this, X, headed by Elon Musk — said via email: “Busy now, please check back later.”
Meanwhile, Musk seems to be in support of Israel against Hamas in the ongoing Israeli-Hamas war.
Musk has in several occasions expressed his deep support for Isreali while consuming Hamas and their activities.
On one visit to then war scene, accompanied by Netanyahu, Musk said “We have to do whatever is necessary to stop the hate.” And that includes spreading the information on X.
Musk said he was against anti-Semitism and against anything that “promotes hate and conflict”, repeating his previous statements that X would not promote hate speech.
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