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Mark Angel Admits Mistake In Emanuella’s Viral Erotic Dance Video

Household comedy brand Mark Angel has broken the silence following the viral video of comedian Emmanuella Samuel showcasing her erotic dance skills on social media.
It would be recalled that a viral footage capturing Emmanuella donning a black dress with a high slit and dancing in front of a camera sparked outrage on Thursday, December 14.
Reacting to the video, many fans of the comedian asserted that at 13, she shouldn’t be encouraged to share such content on social media, particularly highlighting her dance moves.
Conversely, some defended her, asserting that there’s nothing inherently wrong with the video or her choice of dressing, calling out critics for exaggerating her actions beyond her age.
However, speaking on the video, Mark Angel via his Instagram page on Thursday night, explained that the video was released on social media without the management’s consent or permission.
He disclosed that the teenage comedian only posted the video on her WhatsApp; however, ‘view-hungry’ adults went on to upload the content on their Tiktok and Twitter pages without understanding that Emmanuella lacked knowlege of the consequences of putting up such a video.
Mark further apologized for the discomfort and concern the video stirred, after which emphasised on making responsible choices.
The statement reads,
“Dear Family, I want to address a situation involving my child, Emauella’s recent video circulating on social media. Unfortunately, without our knowledge, she innocently wore inappropriate clothing belonging to one of her elder sisters. She posted it on her WhatsApp status. unfortunately, a view hungry adult, who should have done the right thing by calling to report the child’s behaviour considering that we consider her a family. She downloaded the video and posted it on her own tiktok account without considering that the child may have posted that video without fully understanding the consequenes. The video was shared without my consent or consent of her handler. 
“I take full responsibility as a parent, and I sincerely apologize for any discomfort or concern this may have caused. I am addressing the situation with my child, emphasizing the importance of making responsible choices.”


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