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Jumia to Discontinue Food Delivery Service in Nigeria

Announces last date for delivery

E-commerce giant, Jumia Technologies has announced its decision to discontinue its food delivery service “Jumia Food”, effective at the end of December.
The company is set to end this service not only in Nigeria but also across other operating countries, including Kenya, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Uganda, and Algeria.
Jumia’s CEO, Francis Dufay, revealed on Wednesday that the company intends to refocus on its core physical goods business and payment platform. In a strategic move, Jumia aims to concentrate its efforts on areas that present significant growth opportunities and a clear path to profitability.
Dufay stated, “The more we focus on our physical goods business, the more we realize that there is huge potential for Jumia to grow, with a path to profitability. We must take the right decision and fully focus our management, our teams, and our capital resources to go after this opportunity. In the current context, it means leaving a business line, which we believe does not offer the same upside potential – food delivery.”
As part of this shift in focus, Jumia clarified that several employees from the Jumia Food division will transition to roles within the core physical goods segment of the company.
This strategic realignment follows a trend in the African food delivery sector, with major player Bolt Food recently announcing its withdrawal from both Nigeria and South Africa. These decisions underscore the challenges and competitive landscape faced by companies in the African food delivery industry.
Jumia Technologies remains optimistic about the growth potential in its core business segments and aims to optimize its resources to seize emerging opportunities in the dynamic e-commerce and payment platform sectors. As the company implements these changes, industry observers will be watching closely to see how this strategic pivot influences Jumia’s market presence and financial performance.
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