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Uphold Diligence and Consultation in Justice Delivery – CJN Urges FHC Judges 


At the 39th Annual Federal High Court (FHC) Judges’ Conference, the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Olukayode Ariwoola, cautioned FHC judges against complacency in their roles and stressed the importance of upholding diligence and consultation in their judicial duties.

Addressing the assembly during the FHC’s 50th Anniversary Lectures, Justice Ariwoola urged judges not to take their appointments lightly and emphasized the significance of consulting with peers to ensure the quality of their rulings and judgments.

“Anyone lucky enough to be appointed to this court without mincing words is indeed very lucky and should not take that for granted. 

“I implore you all to please continue to work very hard; work hard and harder and go the extra mile each time. 

“Do not assume that what then are the gentlemen at the appellate court doing? No, let that (appellate) court affirm your decisions. 

“Always write your judgments so that the appellate court will have no choice but to affirm your decisions. 

“Don’t leave any loopholes,” he said.

The CJN underscoring the unique responsibility of FHC judges stated that a judge’s role is no child’s play, particularly at their court, where they don’t sit as a panel; but as a lone ranger.

“You sit all alone; you are the lord of the court. Please always go the extra mile, even in what you consider a simple application. 

“It is your court. You are not there to impress anyone at all. If you need to take a break to consult your notes or your books before you rule, no application by counsel is simple. 

“Make relevant consultations and come to give your ruling,” he said.

He encouraged judges not to perceive appeals as threats, asserting, “An appeal is an entitlement. That is what the Appeal Court is there for.” 

“The jurisdiction of the court has kept being expanded. It is the only court that has originating jurisdiction on electoral matters,” he said.

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Describing the Federal High Court as the largest in Nigeria and the premier among federal courts, Justice Ariwoola expressed confidence that the judges would benefit significantly from the wealth of experience shared during the lectures.

Chief Judge of FHC, Justice John Tsoho, highlighted the court’s tradition of annual meetings to assess the previous year’s activities and find solutions to identified challenges.

“The object of this conference, therefore, is to critically discuss any issues confronting us as a court and seek remedies for them. 

“We will also be addressed by practitioners in different fields of knowledge and learning, which will help us to continue to have a grip on our health and intellectual competence,” he said.

He reiterated the FHC’s commitment to continually enhance justice delivery in the country.

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