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Adeleke Returns from Bangkok Vacation   

...Declares Fitness, Denies Illness 


Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, in a press briefing held on Wednesday morning, confirmed his recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand, where he embarked on a vacation and underwent medical check-ups to ensure his fitness.

Addressing reporters upon his return to Nigeria, Governor Adeleke dismissed speculations about his health, asserting that he is in good condition and fully prepared to resume his official duties.

“I went to Bangkok in Thailand for my vacation and I seized the opportunity to check my medicals and as you can see, I am fully fit”, he said.

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A statement issued earlier by his spokesperson, Olawale Rasheed, conveyed the Governor’s enthusiasm about being back in the country. Governor Adeleke explicitly refuted claims of any illness, emphasizing that his trip was primarily for relaxation and health assessment.

“I’m elated to be back in Nigeria in the midst of my people. You all can see I’m in an excited mood as I’m now recharged and refreshed to deliver more good governance and service delivery to the people of Osun. 

“The insinuation of whether I’m sick or otherwise is unfounded. I am as fit as fiddle. I went on a working vacation to both recharge and meet partners for the development and progress of our state. 

“Those spreading falsehood about my trip are just embarrassed and dumbfounded with our achievements. That’s why they’re spreading all those unfounded rumours. 

“I’m back now, hale and hearty. The good work continues in Osun”, the statement reads.

As he resumes his responsibilities in Osun State, the Governor expressed gratitude for the concern shown by the public and reassured citizens that he is reenergized and ready to engage in more work for the benefit of the state.

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