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Tinubu Directs Electronic Transfer of Power from Ailing Akeredolu 


In response to mounting concerns over the state of health and the prolonged absence of Ondo State Governor Rotimi Odunayo Akeredolu, President Bola Tinubu has reportedly issued a directive for the ailing governor to transfer power to his deputy, Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

The unique aspect of this transfer lies in its facilitation through an electronic signature (e-signature), owing to Governor Akeredolu’s weakened condition.

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The directive follows a crucial meeting convened by President Tinubu on Monday, aimed at addressing the leadership crisis in Ondo State triggered by Akeredolu’s absence from office since July 2023.

This meeting, the second of its kind, was prompted by increasing pressure from civil society organizations and political institutions, who had threatened mass protests across Ondo State if the governor did not step down.

Governor Akeredolu, who has been noticeably absent since returning from a three-month medical leave in Germany in September, has faced growing scrutiny regarding the impact of his health on state governance.

The meeting included key figures such as Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa, House of Assembly Speaker Olamide Oladiji, Akeredolu’s son Babajide (Director General of the Performance and Project Implementation Monitoring Unit in the Governor’s Office), and Senator Jimoh Ibrahim.

Initial discussions during the meeting explored the possibility of invoking the doctrine of necessity through the State House of Assembly. This approach would have seen Aiyedatiwa appointed as Acting Governor.

However, concerns were raised regarding the potential humiliation it might cause Governor Akeredolu, leading to the decision to opt for an electronic signature transfer of power.

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