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Lagos Govt Pursues Criminal Charges After Truck Damages Pedestrian Bridge   


The Lagos State Government has declared its intention to file criminal charges against the driver or owner of a truck responsible for colliding with and damaging a pedestrian bridge in the Alapere area.

The Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Gbenga Omotoso, conveyed this stance on Monday, emphasizing the government’s commitment to holding individuals accountable for acts deemed criminal and unjust.

The commissioner said,

“First, to destroy government infrastructure is criminal; it’s inhumane and it’s unfair. Anytime we go to inaugurate a project, we tell the people to own the project; we advise them to prevent vandals from destroying such a project. 

“So, this particular bridge that you are talking about has served Lagos for several years and it has been able to reduce the accidents that used to occur around that place and the loss of human lives that we used to have there. 

“For a vehicle to see the bridge and not respect the height and just bash into it like that, destroying it and making it unusable for human beings, I think it’s a crime against all of us. “

“The government is not going to take it easy; it is going to file criminal charges against the owners of the vehicle.” 

He denounced the vandalization of public property, stressing that such structures are intended for the collective benefit of all citizens.

“They can’t be allowed to just get away with it. The destruction of public property anywhere in the world is very wrong; ours will not be different,” he added.

The incident occurred during the early hours of last Friday in Alapere Estate, Ketu axis of Lagos, where an unidentified truck collided with a pedestrian bridge, resulting in injuries to several individuals. Notably, about five people in a nearby bus sustained injuries during the unfortunate incident.

Truck Crash in Alapere Estate Injures Multiple 

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