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“Pay up your debts for Improved Power Supply”- IBEDC Urges Ogun Residents

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) has issued a plea to customers in the Sango-Ota district of Ogun State, urging them to settle outstanding debts to enhance the provision of quality services.
Mrs. Busolami Tunwase, the Lead Media Relations Officer at IBEDC, conveyed this appeal during a stakeholders meeting held on Monday in Ota, Ogun State. She emphasized the significance of timely payments to ensure the sustainability and improvement of power supply in the region.
Addressing the gathering, Tunwase disclosed that, following a stakeholders meeting on October 11 at Joju, Ota, it was revealed that the Sango/Ota district business owed the electricity distribution company a substantial sum of N28 billion.
“While we have received some payments, the outstanding debts are still significant. We are still appealing to our esteemed customers to urgently pay their bills because what we have gotten is not much compared to what is still out there,” Tunwase stressed.
She highlighted the direct correlation between settling debts and the company’s ability to invest in infrastructure and maintain stable power supply to the public. The appeal comes as part of IBEDC’s efforts to foster a cooperative relationship with its customers and ensure the sustainability of electricity services in the region.
Tunwase also issued a warning against any form of assault on IBEDC workers during the discharge of their duties. She emphasized that such actions would not be tolerated, and individuals found guilty would face legal consequences. The call for respectful interactions seeks to create a conducive environment for IBEDC staff to carry out their responsibilities effectively.
This appeal is a proof that IBEDC remains committed to fostering cooperation with the community, encouraging prompt bill payments, and delivering improved power supply services to its customers in the Sango-Ota district. The company’s efforts aim to enhance the overall electricity distribution experience for the residents of Ogun State.
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