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Makinde Leads Campaign Against Gender-Based Violence in Ibadan 


Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State made a noteworthy stand against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) today by leading a campaign walk through the streets of Ibadan, starting from Agodi Government House. The event is aimed to raise awareness and condemn gender-based violence in the state.

Accompanying the governor were notable figures, including Mrs. Tamunominini Makinde, the wife of the governor, the Commissioner of Police’s representative, Commissioner for Special Duty Alhaja Faosat Sanni, Commissioner for Youth and Sport Wasilat Adegoke, and Commissioner for Women Affairs Toyin Balogun, among others.

Participants in the walk brandished placards with powerful messages such as “Every Voice Counts,” “Zero Tolerance to Gender-Based Violence,” and “Oyo State Says No to Gender-Based Violence.” 

Addressing the crowd, Governor Makinde emphasized that the campaign aimed to draw attention to vulnerable groups in the state, sending a clear message that gender-based violence would not be tolerated. He highlighted the misconception that poverty should not hinder efforts to protect vulnerable members of society.

Commending security agencies for their role in combating GBV, the governor asserted that the fight against this menace requires continued vigilance and proactive measures from law enforcement.

Mrs. Tamunominini Makinde, while addressing the gathering, emphasized the importance of unity in preventing violence against women. She stressed that the walk served not only to raise awareness but also to build upon the state government’s ongoing efforts to eradicate gender-based violence.

The governor’s wife underscored that the campaign was a call to action, reminding the society that combating Gender-Based Violence demands not just attention but a collective commitment to end the scourge that has adversely affected countless lives.


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