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Anambra Nightclub Attack Leaves Seven Dead, Many Injured 


A targeted attack on Porsche Nightclub in Oba, Idemili South local government area of Anambra State has resulted in the tragic loss of at least seven lives and numerous injuries.

The assailants, believed to have sought the kidnapping of the club owner, encountered fierce resistance from vigilant security personnel on duty.

The incident unfolded approximately ten kilometers from the bustling commercial city of Onitsha in the semi-urban town of Oba. Details surrounding the attack remain elusive, but preliminary reports suggest that the assailants entered the premises with the intention of abducting the club owner, who was present during the assault.

Sources reveal that security personnel at the nightclub bravely thwarted the assailants’ kidnapping attempt, prompting the attackers to unleash a hail of gunfire indiscriminately.

Tragically, several innocent bystanders fell victim to the senseless violence, with the death toll reaching at least seven individuals.

One of the victims suffered decapitation at the hands of the assailants.

Anambra State Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, DSP Tochukwu Ikenga, confirmed the distressing incident.

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According to the PPRO, the gunmen purportedly arrived at the nightclub with the sinister objective of kidnapping the club owner. However, the resistance from the security personnel, including vigilante operatives, escalated the situation into a bloodbath.

Ikenga said:

“Yes, the incident happened. Our men were alerted and they quickly moved to the scene of the incident, but the gunmen had already fled. 

“Our men have recovered the bodies of the vigilante operatives who were fatally wounded, while others sustained various degrees of injury.

“We have also fully deployed our men to Oba, and the operation is ongoing. So far, no arrest has been made”. 

The attackers, undeterred by the resistance, resorted to indiscriminate shooting, claiming the lives of innocent patrons and leaving many others injured. Shockingly, one of the security personnel who bravely stood against the assailants met a gruesome fate, being beheaded in the process.

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