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NCC Reiterates Healthy Competition for Growth in Telecoms Sector

Dr. Aminu Maida, the Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) of the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), highlighted the pivotal role of competition in fostering the healthy growth of the telecoms sector.
During a meeting with a delegation from Airtel Networks Limited in Abuja on Friday,  Maida expressed the NCC’s commitment to managing competition effectively, stating, “We are more inclined to promote competition by creating a level-playing ground for all our licensees.” He emphasized the importance of a balanced regulatory approach, aiming for a win-win situation without resorting to over-regulation, which could hinder healthy competition in the industry.
Addressing the rising cost of business affecting various sectors, Maida noted that the NCC had recently reviewed all categories of licenses to ensure that licensees can operate effectively within their capital and operating expenditure (COPEX).
He said: “Indeed, the rising cost of business is affecting every sector. We are also looking at a win-win regulatory approach, but we need to be careful to avoid over-regulation, as over-regulation is inimical to competition in the industry.

“The NCC has recently undertaken the review of all categories of licences, both class and individual, with a view to ensuring that our licensees are still able to work well within their capital and operating expenditure (COPEX).

“It’s critical for the NCC and telcos to develop win-win strategies for the Nigerian telecom industry so that everybody gets value.

“The minister has a blueprint, the President has the Renewed Hope Agenda, and they need to achieve it while telcos need to deliver value to the customers”.

During the meeting, Maida stressed the need for win-win strategies and a regulatory framework to sustain the telecom industry. He emphasized the importance of aligning the goals of the NCC, the government’s agenda, and the telecom companies’ commitment to delivering value to customers.
The delegation from Airtel Networks Limited, led by CEO Carl Cruz, commended the NCC for its competition regulatory policies and frameworks. Cruz acknowledged the NCC’s efforts in creating a conducive environment for healthy competition among telecom licensees. The delegation also congratulated Dr. Aminu Maida on his appointment as the EVC by the president and his subsequent confirmation by the Senate.
The NCC’s commitment to fostering competition reflects its dedication to ensuring a vibrant and dynamic telecom sector that delivers value to both service providers and consumers. The telecom industry’s sustainability and growth will be supported by collaborative efforts between regulatory bodies, telecom companies, and policymakers in Nigeria.
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