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Igboho Denies Shapeshifting Claims During DSS Home Raid   

.....Alleges Indiscriminate Shooting at Cats 


Yoruba Nation agitator Sunday Igboho vehemently denied rumors that he transformed into a cat during a midnight raid by the Department of State Services (DSS) on his residence in July 2021.

Igboho refuted the sensational claims, asserting that no such supernatural event occurred during the security operation.

During the raid, Igboho disclosed that the DSS engaged in indiscriminate firing of bullets, resulting in the unfortunate demise of several cats. The activist expressed concern over the DSS’s use of force, emphasizing that the mission seemed geared towards either killing or apprehending him, with an undisclosed destination in mind.

He said,

“It is true that some cats were killed during the attack? Because the DSS just kept firing bullets in all directions. I was rearing cats as pets, and I had many of them in my house. So, anything or movement attracted sporadic gunshots.  

“Their mission was to either kill me or arrest me and take me to an unknown destination, but the Almighty God is greater than anybody in this world, including the despotic ex-President Muhammadu Buhari.  

“My God and providence put Buhari to shame with the lawless invasion of my home because they all failed to achieve what they came for. I didn’t turn into a cat to escape.”

ECOWAS Court Orders Benin to Compensate Igboho for Unlawful Detention   

In response to questions about the alleged involvement of three herbalists during the raid, Igboho admitted to being unaware of their presence, citing the chaotic atmosphere caused by the prolonged gunfire. The activist recounted the fear and commotion that ensued during the operation, making it difficult for him to confirm or refute the herbalists’ involvement.

He said,

“I wouldn’t know that because the DSS stormed my residence at midnight, causing fear and commotion in the whole of the Soka area of Ibadan and releasing a volley of bullets for several hours.  

“In that atmosphere of confusion and violence, how do you expect me to be checking if they came with herbalists or pastors? There couldn’t have been time for that.” 

Addressing accusations of stockpiling guns in his residence, Igboho vehemently dismissed the claims, stating,

“That’s very far from the truth. How can I stockpile guns in my house?” 

“All those allegations are phantoms and cooked up by the DSS just to implicate me in a planned or trumped-up criminal trial.” 

The Yoruba Nation agitator challenged the credibility of such allegations, asserting his commitment to a peaceful advocacy for the Yoruba people’s rights.

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