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Concerns Rise Over Kano Government’s Controversial Appointments 


Concerned residents in Kano have expressed dissatisfaction with the state government’s decision to appoint retired permanent secretary Abdullahi Musa as the new Head of Service. Additionally, criticism has mounted over the alleged reinstatement of three senior public servants, Umar Muhammad Halo, Aminu Shuaibu Rabo, and Ada’u Lawan, who had previously left the service.

A petition, filed by Prime Alliance Law Firm on behalf of the complainants, highlighted that the reinstatements violate a standing court judgment.

The concerned residents argue that bringing back these retired civil servants to active duty after reaching the pinnacle of their careers goes against civil service rules, pension laws, and the public interest.

The petition, addressed to Governor Abba Kabiru Yusuf, points out that a National Industrial Court judgment delivered on 13th December 2022 had previously restrained these individuals from returning to public service. The complainants emphasize that the decision contradicts principles of justice and fairness, and raises concerns about the rule of law within the civil service and pension system.

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“It is a gravest concern and deepest disappointment and unequivocal rejection of the abuse of all ethical norms the recent government decision to reinstate certain retired permanent secretaries back to the state civil service. 

“It is incomprehensible that some of these Permanent secretaries have standing and subsisting judgments of the National Industrial Court sitting in Kano, filed by them and duly decided vide a consent judgment. The implication of the clear pronoucment of the Court in adopting the terms agreed by parties then, among other reliefs, barred them forever from civil service. 

“It is however worries our clients that in the standing of a judgment of a court of a competent jurisdiction, moves are made to return them to active service. We believe that of this process is not immediately rescinded, it unequivocally leads to promoting impropriety, violation of the clear terms of judgment and illegality which are alien to the state civil service.” 

The residents urgently call upon Governor Yusuf to reverse these appointments, urging him to avoid any semblance of impunity in the name of political patronage, in order to safeguard both his administration and the integrity of Kano state.

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