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Tinubu Skips COP 28 Summit, Stresses Action over Words 


President Bola Tinubu’s anticipated speech at the COP 28 Climate Change Summit in Dubai did not materialize, sparking inquiries into Nigeria’s stance on climate issues.

The Federal Government has clarified that the President’s absence was a deliberate choice, deeming it unnecessary.

Addressing concerns, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yusuf Tuggar, asserted during discussions on the summit’s sidelines that Nigeria is shifting towards a more action-oriented approach, signaling a departure from mere rhetorical commitments.

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He said:

“Nigeria is 100 per cent for action. The speeches, to be honest, as good as they may be, are mostly a repeat of pledges or promises, and Nigeria is saying enough is enough; it’s time for action.” 

Tuggar highlighted the country’s active involvement in behind-the-scenes negotiations, advocating for developed nations, primarily responsible for global warming, to compensate developing nations for loss and damage.

Tuggar emphasized that Nigeria’s active participation in climate change conversations aligns with its 4D foreign approach, encompassing migration and development issues. Notably, he underlined the operationalization of the loss and damage fund on the first day of the conference, a development that garnered praise from many Nigerians. The minister asserted that Nigeria is poised to benefit significantly from this fund.

In a resolute statement, Tuggar conveyed that the emphasis is no longer on delivering elaborate speeches but on implementing tangible actions. This shift in strategy reflects Nigeria’s commitment to addressing the pressing challenges posed by climate change on the global stage.

He noted:

“The president was in the hall, he waited, he was going to give the speech, he listened, and he decided, perhaps, that was not the time to give the speech. There were other engagements that he needed to be involved in that would be more productive.”

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