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Lawyer Claims Unauthorized Signings In Akeredolu’s Absence   

Akeredolu, Ondo State Governor

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, during an interview on Arise Television’s Morning Show, Kayode Ajulo, has made a shocking revelation, alleging that officials within Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s administration have been signing documents for the ailing governor.

Ondo Deputy Governor Returns Amidst Controversies 

Ajulo, Principal Partner of Kayode Ajulo & Co. Castle of Law, emphasized that Deputy Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa cannot constitutionally assume power, leading to concerns about a potential takeover by an alleged cabal.

He said,

“I have it on good authority as a lawyer. Some of the commissioners, about five of them, sent memos to the governor, and they all returned with approval 

“Going through the approval compared to what the governor had approved when he was hale (sic) and hearty, there are notable disparities in them. 

“The Police and Administration of Justice Act has made it clear that there can be private investigators into the issue as such, and they have been contacted, but their results after the investigation are so damning. 

“The purported signature is not from the governor. It is so apparent.” 

Insisting on the application of the doctrine of necessity, Ajulo argued that the deputy governor should temporarily take charge until Governor Akeredolu resumes, countering the presumption of the governor’s incapacitation.

“Why are some people sitting on the provisional constitutions? It is obvious that some people are holding the state by the jugular and using the present situation to loot the state’s wealth. 

“DSS recently has been going around. Other security agencies should embrace the same. Questions bordering on the missing N7.5 billion in the state should be asked, and who gave the approval should not be left out. 

“The governor owes it a duty to speak with his people if he can since his health status is being funded with the same taxpayers’ money, or he should do the necessary constitutional duties, which is to delegate power to his deputy. 

“His deputy was selected by him and possibly his party members before he ran for office. I don’t think he would have selected someone he had no trust in,” he added.

The months-long leadership crisis in the state may have seen resolution, as President Bola Tinubu intervened, urging opposing factions to embrace peace and maintain the status quo.

Ondo Assembly Withdraws Appeal Against Court’s Orders on Aiyedatiwa’s Impeachment 

Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa pledged unity among officials, while Speaker Oladiji Olamide halted impeachment moves.

President Tinubu, in a meeting with state officials, including APC members, emphasized the importance of unity and adherence to the current state of affairs.

Aiyedatiwa affirmed his commitment, stating,

“I want to say that I pledge to all of you that I embrace every one of you. I put behind all that has happened before now. I’ve let go and also let God, just as the President has advised us. 

“And I want to say that no offence, no guile in my mind whatsoever. All that has happened is politics. Impeachment is part of politics. If you survive it, it is also politics. It has come. I’ve survived it and every other thing in his past.”

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