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Governor Abiodun Confident in Resolving Ogun Power Issue Within Four Years 


Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State has expressed confidence in tackling the persistent power issue plaguing the South-Western state.

The governor, who secured a second term a few months ago, outlined his commitment to resolving the longstanding problem before the end of his tenure.

“The fact is that in the next four years, my target is to ensure we implement our Light Up Ogun State project where before I leave office, light will not blink in Ogun State,” he said on the show.”

Governor Abiodun, emphasizing his dedication to transformative governance, highlighted the strides made in the education sector. He stated that his administration has actively addressed infrastructure challenges by both constructing and renovating schools over the past four years.

“Over 1,000 schools have been rebuilt or renovated in four years,” he said on the current affairs show, adding that his government has also built roads, and hospitals and helped in the creation of job opportunities for the teeming masses.” 

Furthermore, the Ogun governor asserted the state’s increased financial independence, citing a substantial boost in internally generated revenue.

Abiodun Urges Patience Over Tinubu’s Economic Reforms

He proudly declared that the state has achieved a level of economic self-sufficiency, diminishing reliance on federal allocations.

“I am sure that you are aware of a recent release by Budgit that showed Ogun State as the number one in the most improved for internally generated revenue – by miles ahead of any other state,” the governor said.

“At the same time, we are also, I believe, maybe number five or seven on the list of most resilient states and one of the few states that can actually survive peradventure there is no allocation from the Federal Government.”

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