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Tragic Incident: Nigerian Twins Roasted During Jaundice Treatment (Photos/Video)


A Nigerian woman, Abigail Bankole has cried out for justice after losing her twin babies due to negligence at the General Hospital, Ikorodu, Lagos.

In the viral video that surfaced on social media, the international Federation of women Lawyers (FIDA) represented the mother of the deceased to seek justice over the death of her twin babies that occurred on Tuesday, October 3.

According to FIDA’s narration, the babies were down with Jaundice after delivery and were immediately taken back to the hospital for further examination.

Upon confirmation of the suspected jaundice, the doctor recommended that they were placed under the blue light for correction and treatment. At the same time, they awaited further inquires from the laboratory.

The mother was then asked to feed them, before the babies were taken into the blue light, which she did.

FIDA said the babies were doing very well before they were taken into the blue light, but after an hour later, when one of the nurses on duty came to increas the light and left, the babies were no longer moving.

The mother of the babies said that she felt the level of the room temperature was too high and she immediately called the attention of the nurse to it, but was ignored.

She said after a while and was still feeling uncomfortable with the temperature, she raised an alarm and instead of the nurse to attend to her, they sent her away, telling her that she was making noise.

She said her baby died afterward and that it was when her baby died that the nurses decided to attend to her.

The woman is demanding justice for her babies who they watched die a avoidable death.

Watch the video below;


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