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Air Peace Defends Airline Amidst Saudi Visa Controversy   


In a press statement on Thursday, Allen Onyeama, the Chairman/CEO of Air Peace, addressed the recent Saudi visa incident, labeling it as unusual.

Onyeama asserted that Air Peace diligently adhered to established protocols in transporting Nigerians to Saudi Arabia, despite the Saudi government’s abrupt cancellation of visas for all 264 passengers upon arrival from Kano on Monday.

The Saudi authorities mandated the return of 177 passengers on the same flight to Nigeria, while 87 were permitted entry into Jeddah after immigration clearance. Onyeama vehemently denied any wrongdoing on the part of Air Peace, emphasizing that the airline obtained pre-flight clearance concerning the Saudi visa verification portal and the Advanced Passenger Information System implemented by Saudi authorities.

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“It looks unusual because we followed every protocol and procedure,” he said. “We are not in the business of issuing visas as an airline,” he said on Thursday’s edition of Channels Television’s Politics Today.

“We put through there, it passed. We sent the manifest ahead, we got all those clearances before we left the country.

“What I am saying has been corroborated by the Saudi Arabian Embassy. What they are saying actually exonerated the airline. They said ‘they are not denying the fact that they (Nigerians) have visas. 

“What they are saying they discovered is that the information they gave them was for the wrong visas. It is like maybe you are going for medical treatment and you procured a tourism visa,” he added.

The CEO’s defense comes amidst growing scrutiny and confusion surrounding the incident, raising questions about the coordination between Air Peace and Saudi Arabia’s visa processing system.

Investigations are underway to unravel the details behind the unprecedented visa cancellations affecting passengers of the major Nigerian carrier.

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