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Ribadu Begs for Patience as FG Addresses Security Challenges 


Uyo – The National Security Adviser, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, has called on Nigerians to exercise patience as the administration led by President Tinubu grapples with the nation’s prevailing security issues.

Speaking at the 19th Annual Nigerian Editors Conference in Uyo on Thursday, Ribadu acknowledged the inherited challenges, emphasizing the need for collective cooperation to eradicate insecurity. He spoke on the theme; “Stimulating Economic Growth, Technological Advancement: Role of the Media.” 

While refraining from assigning blame, Ribadu highlighted the tough times inherited by the present administration and stressed the importance of unity in tackling the security concerns.

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The National Security Adviser expressed optimism about the ongoing efforts, asserting that significant progress has been made in improving the overall security situation in the country.

He said,

“We are all in this together, as a National Security Adviser, you want to hear about national security. We have been there about five months a few days into the office. We have given Nigeria to President Bola Tinubu to manage it for us. 

“In the last five months, I have been there by his side and have seen how things were and how things are when we started, and hopefully the direction we are going is okay. 

“We inherited a tough period. We appeal for patience and understanding. It’s tough times and that is the reality. We are not condemning anyone but that is the truth. Those who are in charge must say the truth, say it as it is, and then hopefully things  will be better for you 

“Like I said, my coming is to identify with you. I also appeal to you for support, we are going through tough times. It requires all of us to come together. We are all in it together, it is not going to be for too long. Is a matter of time, it will be better.” 

During his address, Ribadu pointed out notable advancements, citing a drastic reduction in militancy in the Niger Delta region. He also indicated a decrease in insecurity in the South East since the inception of the current administration, assuring that concerted efforts would lead to further improvements.

“Let me start with the Niger Delta, at the time we took over, the production of crude oil was 1.1 mbd. Today crude oil production is over 1.7 mbd.”We have witnessed three weeks without any incident of security challenges in the Niger Delta. This is the first time since 1993, that we don’t talk. 

“In the South East, when we took over last year we had 46 police stations attacked, today we don’t have one single one. In the last two months, not a single person had been killed through violent attacks in the southeast, we don’t talk. The leadership we have in our country does understand things a bit better. Work more talkless,” 

In response to concerns about the welfare of citizens, Ribadu assured the public that the Federal Government is committed to enhancing citizens’ well-being. He pledged transparency in government affairs, emphasizing the administration’s dedication to addressing security challenges and stimulating economic growth.

“This government is rather the most transparent ever in the history of Nigeria so things publicly. Honestly, we will be sincere and do our best.

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