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Apple Boss Wozniak Hospitalized After Suffering Possible Stroke 


Steve Wozniak, the 73-year-old co-founder of Apple, has been admitted to a hospital in Mexico City following an episode of apparent vertigo.

Sources close to the situation revealed that Wozniak, widely known in the tech community as ‘Woz’, had just concluded a speech at the World Business Forum on Wednesday when he began feeling unwell. Concerned about his condition, his wife insisted that he seek medical attention despite his initial resistance.

Renowned for his pivotal role in revolutionizing the personal computing industry, Wozniak co-founded Apple alongside the late Steve Jobs in 1976, laying the groundwork for the tech giant’s extraordinary success. The company eventually ascended to become the most valuable in the world, thanks in part to their groundbreaking innovations, including the introduction of the first Apple computer.

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In addition to his significant contributions to the tech landscape, Wozniak has been a prominent advocate for ethical technology development. Earlier this year, he joined forces with Tesla CEO Elon Musk in urging a temporary halt to the advancement of powerful artificial intelligence models.

This plea highlighted his ongoing commitment to promoting responsible innovation in the realm of technology.

Further details about his current condition remain undisclosed.

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