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‘Imo Election Might Not Hold….’ – NLC


The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has voiced apprehensions regarding the viability of the forthcoming November 11 governorship election in Imo State.

In an exclusive interview with Channels TV on Wednesday, Uchenna Ekwe, the NLC Head of International Relations, asserted that the election may not be able to proceed as planned due to the continuous turmoil and violence engulfing the state.

Ekwe highlighted the plight of the Imo populace, emphasizing the pervasive nature of violence that has marred the region, casting doubt on the election’s ability to serve as an effective mechanism for enacting positive change. He underscored the loss of confidence among Imo workers, expressing their disillusionment with the electoral process’s potential to bring about any substantial transformation.

Ekwe questioned,

“Talking about the election, in Imo in particular, did the votes count? How did he (Hope Uzodinma) become governor? In Imo, is the place not terrorized?”

“Go to Imo I challenge you, you won’t see a poster of any other party, you can’t even see a tiny poster of any other party. Get feedback from your correspondents in Imo, ask them in the whole street on Owerri whether there is a poster of any other party,” he challenged.

The NLC representative specifically referenced the disruption of an Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) meeting, citing it as evidence of the prevailing skepticism among the citizens. Ekwe raised concerns about the credibility of the election, pointing to the erosion of trust within the community, thereby casting a shadow over the expected outcomes of the electoral exercise.

“How can you say election is coming up, INEC meeting was disrupted, how can you hope that there will be any election, we don’t have faith, even the workers don’t have faith that the election will determine anything, that is the truth,” Ekwe asserted.

“We don’t believe election in Imo will produce anything because the Imo people have been crushed, violence have taken over the place. We are not telling them not to come out to vote but the people will be scared to come out,” he added.

Ekwe suggested that the world could handle any delay or disruption in the scheduled election without collapsing.

“Must there be election in Imo, will the world end? Will the world end if there is no election in Imo State? No, the world would not end, we are not disrupting election,” he concluded.

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