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Court Sentences Five to Jail for Blackmail, Fraud against Ex-Osun Speaker 


The Federal High Court based in Osogbo has delivered a verdict against five individuals involved in the egregious blackmail and fraud of the former Speaker of the Osun State House of Assembly, Timothy Owoye.

The convicted individuals, including Kazeem Agbabiaka, Femi Oyebode, Abdul-Rasheed Ojonla, Babatunde Oluajo, and Adebiyi Kehinde, were found guilty of a range of charges, including conspiracy, advance fee fraud, and cyberstalking, among others.

The case, stemming from an incident in 2018, saw the release of a 13-second nude video that purportedly depicted the ex-Speaker engaged in a ritual bath in a public market square. The video quickly gained traction on the internet, causing significant damage to Owoye’s reputation. The prosecution presented 57 exhibits during the trial, including bank statements from various banks and flash drives, solidifying the evidence against the perpetrators.

Justice Emmanuel Ayoola, presiding over the case, denounced the actions of the convicted individuals as a callous attempt to defame and defraud the former Speaker.

He specifically highlighted the deliberate release of the nude video, which not only tarnished Owoye’s public image but also caused emotional distress. The court, in its verdict, sentenced each of the five perpetrators to five years in prison.

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The ruling, which serves as a warning against cyber-related crimes and malicious attacks on public figures, marks a significant milestone in the fight against online harassment and fraud in Nigeria.

Oyeniyi, one of the accused, was discharged and acquitted of all charges related to the case, highlighting the importance of due process and the careful examination of evidence in delivering justice.

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