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EFCC Chair Olukoyede Mandates Staff Asset Declaration 

Ola Olukoyede

Ola Olukoyede, the newly appointed Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), has instructed the commission’s employees to promptly disclose their assets, aligning with civil service regulations and protocols.

According to the commission’s spokesperson, Dele Oyewale, this instruction was conveyed by Olukoyede during a gathering with the staff at the headquarters in Abuja, as stated in a release on Tuesday.

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“All of us are going to declare our assets; from Level 17, downward. I did mine, so there’s no reason for anyone to be afraid to do the same. Even the commission’s secretary did, you all may also have done it in the past, but there’s a need for all of us to do it again. We will declare our assets, and we are going to investigate them,” the EFCC chairman was quoted as saying.

“We must live above board by setting the pace with good examples. As anti-corruption fighters, our hands must be clean and so we must declare our assets.”

Encouraging the commission’s employees to focus more on the fundamental principles of combatting economic and financial crimes, Olukoyede emphasized that these endeavors should aim at fostering the nation’s economic growth, fostering a conducive environment for increased investment, and fortifying the economic foundation.

Additionally, the EFCC head urged the staff to maintain professionalism, thoroughness in their operations, uphold integrity, and remain impartial.

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“We must do our job to add values to the nation. Investors must have confidence in the economy and we must help the country to be governed in an accountable and transparent manner. By doing this, it will offer us a new direction to redeem the image of the nation,” he said.

He guaranteed the employees an improved welfare package, upgraded training, and equal prospects to secure increased productivity.

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