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Liberia Anticipates Official Results for 1st Round of Elections Tuesday


The Liberia Electoral Commission is set to reveal the final outcome of the October 10 general elections this Tuesday, local sources confirm. With 99.9% of the 5,890 polling stations accounted for, the race has tightened to a historic margin, signaling a runoff between incumbent President Georges Weah and opposition candidate Joseph Boakai.

Weah leads the initial count with 43.84% or 803,674 votes, narrowly surpassing Boakai’s 43.44% or 796,313 votes, representing a mere 7,361-vote difference, or 0.40%. This marks the closest contest in Liberian electoral history since the post-war era.

Since neither candidate secured the required 50% plus one vote, the country braces for a decisive second round, primarily anticipated to take place in Montserrado County, known for its significant voting population.


Ahead of the runoff, Boakai is actively seeking alliances with smaller parties in a bid to bolster his position against the incumbent Weah. The scheduled date for the second round has been provisionally set for November 7, pending any unforeseen alterations by the Electoral Commission.

Weah, who secured the presidency in 2017 on the pledge to combat poverty and enhance infrastructure development, faces a crucial test in retaining his position amid mounting challenges and expectations within the nation.

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Speaking on the preparations for the upcoming runoff, NEC President Davidetta Browne-Lansanah assured the public that the necessary resources for conducting the election are now available, raising hopes for a smooth and orderly process in the days to come.

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