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World Mourns Passing of World Oldest Dog


The world bids farewell to Bobi, the purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo from Portugal, who held the prestigious title of the oldest dog ever.

Bobi passed away at the remarkable age of 31 years and 165 days at his home in the serene village of Conqueiros, Portugal. His owner, Leonel Costa, reminisced about Bobi’s incredible journey, recalling the dog’s daring escape as a puppy, leading to his eventual adoption by the Costa family.

Bobi’s achievement was officially recognized by the Guinness World Records earlier this year, marking him as the oldest living dog, a distinction that transcended time and surpassed the century-old record previously held by Australia’s Bluey, who lived to the age of 29 years and five months before his passing in 1939. The authenticity of Bobi’s age was certified by the Portuguese government’s pet database, managed by the National Union of Veterinarians.

Oldest dog

Leonel Costa, now an adult, revealed that Bobi had been a cherished member of their family, enjoying a diet of regular home-cooked meals. Despite a health scare in 2018, when Bobi was hospitalized due to breathing difficulties, the resilient canine managed to bounce back and continue his peaceful existence. However, in the twilight of his life, Bobi faced challenges with mobility and declining eyesight.

Reflecting on Bobi’s remarkable lifespan, Mr Costa attributed the dog’s longevity to the serene environment and unconditional love he received from the Costa family.

Notably, Bobi’s genetic lineage was blessed with longevity, as his mother lived to the age of 18, and another family dog reached the venerable age of 22.

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The news of Bobi’s passing was shared on social media by a veterinarian who had the opportunity to meet Bobi on multiple occasions.

“Despite outliving every dog in history, his 11,478 days on earth would never be enough, for those who loved him,” wrote Dr Karen Becker.

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