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Ondo PDP Calls for Impeachment Proceedings Against Akeredolu 

Alleged Constitutional Violations and Health Concerns; Ondo Assembly Dismisses Claims as Baseless 


ONDO – The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has stirred controversy by urging the Ondo Assembly to initiate impeachment proceedings against Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu. The PDP has accused Akeredolu of flouting the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, demanding a comprehensive medical assessment to determine his fitness for office.

However, the Ondo Assembly has swiftly dismissed these allegations, asserting that the Governor has dutifully fulfilled his constitutional responsibilities and has not contravened any aspects of the law. Hon. Oluwole Ogunmolasuyi, the Majority Leader of the Assembly, emphasized that the PDP’s claims lack substantial evidence and understanding of the Governor’s responsibilities.

Responding to the PDP’s allegations, Kennedy Peretei, the Spokesman for the Ondo PDP, emphasized the detrimental impact of the Governor’s purported health concerns on the governance of the state.

Peretei pointed out that the state’s affairs have been at a standstill for nearly six months, attributing it to the Governor’s ill health. Moreover, the PDP representative criticized the Governor’s aides for mishandling the situation, resulting in a loss of public sympathy for Akeredolu.

According to him:

“Unfortunately, rather than tell the citizens the truth, most of Akeredolu’s handlers have resorted to insulting the sensibilities of the people by making a public show of their ignorance.

“The Constitution envisaged that,  it is possible for a State Governor to be ill or incapacitated as it is the case with Akeredolu now and therefore made safeguards.

“Section 193(2) states expressly that “the Governor of a state shall hold regular meetings with the Deputy Governor and all Commissioners of the Government of the State for the purposes of –

a. Determine the general direction of policies of the state” amongst other provisions.

“When was the last time Akeredolu held a State Executive Council meeting?

“It is not a crime to be ill, but that will not be reason an entire state must be brought to her knees.

‘Where is Akeredolu?’ – Ondo PDP

“Our party wishes to urge the Governor’s aides to stop ridiculing themselves by defending the indefensible and standing logic on its head.”

According to Hon. Ogunmolasuyi, the Assembly has acknowledged the ongoing developmental initiatives throughout the state, highlighting the timely salary disbursements and the resolution of outstanding salary arrears.

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He emphasized that the PDP lacks awareness regarding the conduction of the State Executive Council meeting.

According to him,

“The Governor is doing his duties. Everything is going on well in the state. We have met with the Governor and all those that want to meet with him.

“If the Governor is not doing what he supposed to do, we will question him. He has sign all bills brought before him. What we know is that the PDP is a dead party. They cannot stipulate the duties of a Governor.”

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