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Okada Riders, Residents Protest Prison Vehicle Accident in Kwara


Ilorin, Kwara state, witnessed a tumultuous scene as scores of Okada riders and local residents took to the streets on Thursday, October 19, to protest an alleged accident caused by a vehicle associated with the Nigerian Correctional Service. The incident transpired in the early hours at the bustling Emir’s Market located in the Oja-Oba area of the metropolis.

According to eyewitness accounts, the prison vehicle, reportedly suffering from brake failure, collided with numerous bystanders including Okada riders and market-goers, leaving several wounded.

The impact of the mishap reverberated through the Niger area of the city, stirring up anger and frustration among the local community.

A source disclosed that an enraged mob, disheartened by the unfortunate turn of events, retaliated by attacking and vandalizing the bus escorting the prison vehicle that was en route to the court with inmates.

In a statement, AbdulAkeem Sulaiman, the spokesperson of the Motorcycle Riders Association, passionately appealed to the state government to ensure justice for their members. He emphasized that those injured in the accident were solely engaged in seeking their means of livelihood to support their families. Sulaiman further called upon the Nigeria Correctional Service and the state government to urgently intervene in the matter, acknowledging the dire need for resolution and support for the affected parties.


On the other hand, Olumide Adegbulugbe, the spokesperson of the Kwara state command of prisons, vehemently absolved the prison authorities of any responsibility regarding the incident.

Adegbulugbe said:

“Some hoodlums in a premeditated move at Ọja Oba roundabout boisterously made a tumultuous attempt to break into the convoy of the custodial vehicles conveying high profile inmates. This resulted in a pandemonium which saw the correctional vehicle damaged, shattered, and battered.
“These obviously led to injuries sustained by both Okada riders and some of the custodial personnel. Two of the custodial vehicles which managed to secure their passage were again waylaid and attacked at Niger Road Junction. The personnel of the Correctional Service was able to manoeuvre their way to the court.
“However, those who sustained injuries have been moved to the hospital for medical attention and are responding to treatment. No life was lost so far.”

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Further responding to the incident, Ajayi Okasanmi, the spokesperson of the state police command, assured that peace had been reinstated in the areas affected by the protest. He emphasized the police’s commitment to taking appropriate measures to ensure justice for those impacted by the unfortunate event.

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