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FCTA Threatens Crackdown on ‘One-Chance’ Robbery: Illegal Motor Parks Under Scrutiny


In response to the alarming surge of ‘one-chance’ robberies and kidnappings in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has issued a stern warning, indicating the potential closure of illegal motor parks operating within the city.

Nyesom Wike, the FCT Minister, emphasized this critical measure during a press interaction held on Thursday at his office in Abuja.

Over recent weeks, Abuja has been marred by unsettling reports of ‘one-chance’ robberies, instilling a sense of fear among residents. Criminals, masquerading as commercial vehicle operators, have been orchestrating attacks, preying on unsuspecting victims, and leaving a trail of anxiety and insecurity in their wake.

Nyesom Wike, FCT Minister

In light of these security concerns, the minister disclosed that a specialized joint task force was established just last week to combat the escalating threat of ‘one-chance’ robberies.

Moreover, the former governor of Rivers State attributed the surge in criminal activities within the city to the proliferation of illegal motor parks and the utilization of unfinished buildings as hideouts by nefarious elements.

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“We’re getting a lot of reports about kidnappings here, about one-chance there,” Wike said.

“In most cases we don’t even let the public to know what has been done. I can tell you the security agencies have done quite a lot. If not, by now, the FCT would have been a different thing.

“One of the areas we identified is that the FCT is at the centre – we have Niger State, we have Kogi State, we have Nasarawa State, we have Kaduna State. And if you check these four states, these four states are states that (experience) from time to time, banditry, kidnapping.

“And we discovered that most of the areas that they (criminals) stay are shanties and uncompleted buildings and that is why we say we cannot allow these uncompleted buildings where criminals have made their place of abode. Bring down all these uncompleted buildings which have turned to shanties and they will have nowhere to hide.”

Continuing, the minister said,

“Just last week, we set up a task force on those states that we have borders with and one-chance. Joint security task force including the SSS, the police, the army, the navy, and they have identified the way they will operate.

“To tell you that we are concerned that is why we have to set up this joint task force for the one-chance and the border control.

“Again, you see a lot of illegal motor parks. When we come up with a policy that we can’t allow these illegal motor parks, people will come up to say the economy is hard, things are tough but nobody wants to look at it from the security implication.

“We are also planning to shut down some of these illegal motor parks.”

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