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Court Restrains Do2dtun from Defamatory Posts Against D’banj

....Do2dtun blows hot


The Chief District Court of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, led by his Honour, Emmanuel Iyanna, issued a restraining order against prominent on-air personality, Kayode Oladotun, famously known as Do2dtun.

This order prevents Do2dtun from engaging in any defamatory posts against renowned Nigerian singer, Oladapo Oyebanjo, professionally known as D’banj, on social media or any other digital platform.

The legal action was set into motion when D’banj, represented by his legal counsel Toheeb Lawal, filed an application seeking an injunction to prohibit Do2dtun from disseminating malicious and defamatory content against him on various social media platforms.

Justice Emmanuel Iyanna, upon reviewing the submitted application, granted the injunction in favor of D’banj, effectively restraining Do2dtun from further dissemination of any defamatory content against the renowned singer, both on social media and any other relevant online channels.

Iyanna granted

“an order restraining the defendant (Do2dtun) either by himself, servants, privies, cohorts, representatives or any person deriving authority from him, from further making any malicious, intimidating or defamatory post directing at the complainant (D’banj) on any social media platform or news media pending the hearing and determination of the substantive case”.

Also, the court ordered the Deputy Inspector of Police, Force Intelligence Bureau to investigate a criminal complaint brought by D’banj against Do2dtun within two weeks and revert to the  court.

Furthermore, the court has directed the Deputy Inspector of Police, Force Intelligence Bureau, to conduct a thorough investigation into the criminal complaint filed by D’banj against Do2dtun within a specified timeframe of two weeks, and subsequently provide a report to the court.

For several weeks, Do2dtun had launched a series of social media attacks against D’banj. Notably, the on-air personality (OAP) was previously married to D’banj’s sister, Taiwo, back in 2013, resulting in the birth of two daughters from their union.

OAP Do2dtun calls out Dbanj, Family

However, in November 2021, Taiwo initiated divorce proceedings before Justice A.I Akobi of the Federal Capital Territory High Court, citing allegations of “persistent emotional abuse, coerced abortions, and severe domestic violence” by Do2dtun, which she asserted had significantly impacted her mental and physical well-being.

In response to Do2dtun’s claims of being denied access to his daughter, Taiwo refuted these allegations, asserting that the entertainer indeed has regular visitation rights and unrestricted access to their children, contrary to the assertions made by her former spouse regarding child custody.

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However, despite the restraint, Do2dtun has yet again called out Dbanj and his family without mentioning names this time.

Using his social media platform, Do2dtun boldly declared, “Don’t worry, you and I know why you don’t want me to speak cos you need that Bread Abi. You want my life to be dark and uneven but you want yours to be YELLOW! Over my dead body – just give me my kids and let me live my life in peace.”

In what appears to be a direct reference to legal matters, Do2dtun emphasized the significance of adhering to court orders, stating, “If we all obeyed ‘A SIMPLE COURT ORDER’ we won’t be here.” This latest development has escalated tensions and drawn attention to a potential legal battle on the horizon.

Asserting his stance, the radio host remained undeterred, asserting, “Let’s all do the right thing and say our goodbyes. You won’t Bully me. Police station, na human dey go there. Bring it on!!!”

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