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Tension as Odeyemi Assumes Office as NIPOST CEO Despite Protests


In a dramatic turn of events at the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) headquarters in Abuja, Tola Odeyemi has taken charge as the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, igniting a wave of discontent among the agency’s workforce.

The previous CEO, Adeyemi Adepoju, was removed from his position by President Bola Tinubu, sparking an intense outcry from the employees.

Earlier today, the NIPOST head office was temporarily shut down as employees vehemently protested the appointment of Odeyemi, demanding the reinstatement of Adepoju. Despite the tense situation, Odeyemi boldly entered the premises around 1 pm, immediately engaging in a closed-door meeting with top-level directors. Notably, she declined the offered chair, opting instead to position herself elsewhere.


Her ascent to the role marks a significant milestone as she becomes the first female to assume the position of NIPOST CEO. However, her appointment has been met with strong resistance from workers, with Buba Nehemiah, President of the National Union of Postal and Telecommunication Employees, vocalizing their grievances to the press.

Nehemiah emphasized the purported commendable reforms introduced by Adepoju during his tenure and asserted that Odeyemi’s appointment goes against the employees’ interests.

 “Sunday Adepoju should be allowed to continue the good work he has started. We are not against Mr President neither are we against the minister but our desire is that the good work of Adepoju should be allowed to continue. Removing him at this point would terminate these processes and take NIPOST back to square one which we are against. We have over 13,000 employees here, once it is crumbled, it will add to the issues of insecurity in the country.

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“Allow us to work with the person that has understood this organization. Allow us to join hands with him to take this organization to the level that it would generate revenue for the nation. This is our cry and demand. The only condition that can make us go back to our offices and work is for the appointment that was made last week to be cancelled,” Nehemiah stated.

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