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Australia to Construct World’s Tallest Wooden Skyscraper 


Authorities in Perth, Western Australia, have given the green light for the construction of the world’s tallest wooden building. The monumental project, known as the C6 building, will soar to an impressive height of 191.2 meters (627 feet), making it nearly twice as tall as the current record holder.

Grange Development, the company behind the visionary project, announced that a significant 42% of the skyscraper will be crafted from timber, with reinforced concrete used for the columns and core. This “hybrid” construction approach marks a remarkable achievement in sustainable and innovative architecture.

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Once completed, the C6 building will surpass the current record holder, the Ascent tower in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which stands at 86 meters (284 feet). It will also outshine the soon-to-be-completed hybrid timber Atlassian Headquarters in Sydney, expected to claim the record from Ascent.

Situated on Charles Street in South Perth, the 50-story tower will offer over 200 apartments and hold the distinction of being Western Australia’s first carbon-negative residential building. This ambitious endeavor promises to reshape the skyline and set a new benchmark for environmentally conscious high-rise developments.

“The intent of C6 has always been, at its core, a straightforward proposition,”

Grange Development’s director, James Dibble, said in a press release.

“Our aspiration with C6 is to shift the focus towards a more climate-conscious approach.”

The Metro Inner-South Joint Development Assessment Panel’s approval paves the way for this remarkable feat of modern architecture, positioning Western Australia as a global leader in sustainable construction and wooden skyscrapers.

Grange reports that the tower will utilize a staggering 7,400 cubic meters, equivalent to over 260,000 cubic feet, of timber sourced from 600 trees.

“We can’t grow concrete,” Dibble said in a proposal submitted to Perth authorities, calling the plan “a new open sourced blueprint that utilizes hybrid construction methodology to offset the carbon within our built environment, which is the single biggest contributor to climate change.”

“This is our opportunity to state that we genuinely care about both the housing crisis before us and the climate crisis we are doing very little about as an industry,” he added.

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In addition to the timber utilization, Grange’s proposal incorporates eco-friendly elements, including a rooftop garden, an urban farm, and granting residents access to 80 brand-new, fully-electric Tesla Model 3 vehicles.

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