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Mapoly Students Protest Hike in Acceptance Fee


Abeokuta, Ogun State – In a demonstration of dissatisfaction, students of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic gathered at their school gate on Monday to protest against the recent hike in acceptance fees imposed on newly admitted students.

The protest, which began at 7am, saw a significant turnout of students brandishing placards bearing slogans such as #No To Increment of Tuition Fee, #Rector Must Go, #Release our Result ASAP, and others.

The protest also drew the attention of the Nigeria Police Force, with officers deployed to maintain order and security on campus.

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Among the issues at the heart of the student’s grievances were prolonged delays in the release of examination results, a shortage of teaching staff, and the sharp increase in the acceptance fee for fresh students.

Babatunde Adelola, the Students Union President, addressed the crowd, shedding light on the management’s claim that insufficient subsidies from the state government necessitated the acceptance fee hike, raising it from N35,000 to N50,500 for newly admitted students.

Adelola further lamented the adverse effects of result delays, which often stretch up to one year for semester results to be released, severely impacting the academic performances of the students.

“We have many reasons to protest. Recently, the school said they are not getting funding from the state government and they need to generate funds internally which was why they increased the acceptance fee from N35,000 to N50,500.

“Aside from the hike in fee, the delay in the release of our result is affecting students. For instance, those who graduated last session are yet to be mobilised for service, I am in HND 2 second semester and I am yet to see the result of the exams I did in HND 1 second semester. This is affecting students because they do not know their academic standing and how well to prepare for next exams.”

Adelola pointed out that despite the student body’s persistent attempts to engage in dialogue with the Rector of the polytechnic, Adeoye Odedeji, their efforts have been unsuccessful due to his unavailability.

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Nevertheless, he emphatically called for the swift reversal of the fee hike and the urgent release of pending examination results.

“We requested to meet the Rector through the DSA but we were told that he is not available. They gave us another appointment again which they did not honour. Last Monday when the non-academic staff decided to protest was when they asked us to meet again but it also failed.

“We are demanding immediate reversal of the acceptance fee back to status-quo and urgent release of outstanding results,” he concluded.

The spokesperson for the institution, Yemi Ajibola, said that the students did not inform the school of their grievances which makes it difficult for such grievances to be addressed.

“The management is not aware of their grievances because they did not inform us of any reason why they are protesting. The management needs to be informed of what their grievances are for the management to be able to sit and deliberate on it. If they channel their grievances appropriately, it will be attended to,” Ajibola wrapped up the statement.

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