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NIPSS Warns Against Death Penalty for Corrupt Public Officers


The National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) in Kuru, Jos, has issued a stern warning against the implementation of the death penalty as a solution to curb corruption among public officers in Nigeria. The institution has instead advocated for the adoption of behavior-change approaches to combat graft effectively.

During an interview with journalists held during the validation of the curriculum aimed at institutionalizing behavior-change approaches to reduce corruption in both the public and private sectors, the Director-General of NIPSS, Prof. Ayo Omotayo, emphasized the need for a more nuanced strategy.

Prof. Omotayo acknowledged the presence of robust anti-corruption regulations and campaigns within Nigeria, acknowledging their effectiveness to some extent. However, he stressed that relying solely on punitive measures, such as the death penalty, would not yield the desired results in the fight against corruption.

He said,

“Killing people for corruption practices is not something that we at NIPSS want to encourage. If we can reduce corruption to 50 per cent levels, our society will be okay. So, corruption in Nigeria has not gotten to a level where we will be executing people

“You see, if you continue to do certain things in a certain way and you continue to get the same result, then you have to review your approach.

“We have come to the conclusion that we have all the laws or the legislation to ensure that we do not have corruption in Nigeria. But all of these have not been effective enough.

“So, we felt that we needed to make a whole paradigm shift to behavioural change. We ask ourselves: Can we get people to change their attitude? Forget about the law; forget about the order; let us start by changing our attitudes to behavioural changes.”

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