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Journalist Found Dead in National Assembly Shuttle 


In a tragic incident that unfolded on Wednesday, Tijani Adeyemi, a Senate correspondent for the Tribune Newspaper, lost his life to a sudden cardiac arrest while aboard one of the National Assembly shuttle buses.

The unfortunate event occurred as Adeyemi boarded the shuttle from the main entrance, commonly known as the Mopol Gate, at approximately 10 am. Shockingly, by the time the shuttle reached the checkpoint within the National Assembly premises, he was discovered unresponsive.

Immediate efforts were made to revive him, but all attempts to resuscitate Tijani Adeyemi proved futile. Regrettably, he was declared deceased upon arrival at the clinic of the Secretary General of the Federation.

Adeyemi’s body was then transferred to the National Assembly’s clinic, where his passing was officially confirmed. In accordance with Islamic traditions, his remains were later laid to rest at the Gudu Cemetery.

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