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Biden’s Dog Commander Departs White House Amid Biting Incidents


The Biden family’s dog, Commander, has been relocated from the White House due to a string of biting incidents.

A spokesperson for First Lady Jill Biden mentioned that they are currently deliberating on Commander’s future.

In a recent incident, Commander bit a Secret Service agent, necessitating immediate medical attention. This marked the 11th occasion when the dog had bitten a guard at either the White House complex or their home in Delaware.

“The President and First Lady care deeply about the safety of those who work at the White House and those who protect them every day,” the spokeswoman, Elizabeth Alexander, said in a statement on Wednesday.

“They remain grateful for the patience and support of the US Secret Service and all involved, as they continue to work through solutions. Commander is not presently on the White House campus while next steps are evaluated.”

She did not specify the dog’s current residence or whether it might eventually come back to the White House.

This statement came shortly after CNN disclosed that Commander had been implicated in more than the 11 biting incidents previously confirmed by the Secret Service. According to the report, the actual number was greater, including one bite that necessitated hospitalization and others requiring medical attention from on-site personnel.

The White House press secretary had previously attributed these attacks to the stress of residing at the presidential residence.

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“As you all know, the White House complex can be unique and very stressful,” Karine Jean-Pierre said in July.

“It is unique and it is stressful for all of us. So you can imagine what it’s like for a family pet or family pets, more broadly,” she added.

In that same month, White House officials announced their efforts to implement new training techniques for Commander in response to the biting incidents.

Secret Service records, obtained by a conservative group through a Freedom of Information Act request, provide insights into some of the biting incidents involving Commander. One such incident occurred on October 26, 2022, after First Lady Jill Biden struggled to control Commander. In an email, an agent described Commander as “charging at me.” 

Approximately a week later, another officer reported being bitten twice by Commander. A fellow officer who witnessed the attack mentioned using a “steel cart to shield” themselves from the dog.

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Commander is one of the Biden family’s two German Shepherds. The younger of the two, Major, who was the first rescue dog to reside at the White House, was also involved in several biting incidents with Secret Service agents. In 2021, he underwent additional training and was sent to live with Biden family friends away from the White House.

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